Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We're going on a camping trip, we're gonna have a good time

I can not not not wait until we leave for camping tomorrow! (don't get any crazy ideas to stalk where I live... we have people staying here while we're gone and we have two BIG mean ferocious Rottweilers LOL!). We didn't camp at all last year, and the year before we camped twice I think... once when Porter was about 3 months old and again when he was about 6 months.

So, this will be the first memorable camping trip for Porter. And his first trip to Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Ryan and I are both so excited about this-- we love camping at Silver Lake (although sadly its been about 4 years since we've camped up there!). We dream of one day having a Jeep Wrangler to turn into a dune truck. Someday...

Anyhow, Ryan is pumped and so am I. Last night he came home from Menards and had bought Porter his very own little lantern. So cute!

We've been reading Dune Daze (which we had signed by the author years ago on one of our vacations to the Dunes) with Porter to prep him for our awesomest weekend coming up. We plan to walk the dunes (there are trails that you hike and when you get to the dunes you walk up the huge sand dunes and can sit and watch all the big dune trucks drive over the huge hills), and also take the Durango on the dunes and over to Lake Michigan (the dune side). I'm also hoping to do a little walking with the boys and maybe take Porter to the go-carts. And the camping part...ohh! Campfires and hot dogs and smores! YUM! These are all things we have always loved doing (Ryan and I) and we're so excited to share this with Porter now that he's getting old enough to realize what is going on.

And don't forget Hudson... this is going to be his first camping trip. I'm sure he'll handle it like an old pro- he's such an adaptable little guy.

Ryan's parents are also joining us for the weekend as well. They're staying at a nearby hotel, but I'm sure we'll be together quite often this weekend.

Saturday we're planning on meeting up with the Collins at Lake Michigan (possibly Pentwater, I think?) and I'm doing a little mini session with them. It'll be fun to hang out with them and watch Reyna and Porter play on the beach.

So, I'd better get off this computer and get in bed to rest. Hudson slept all night last night (woo woo!) well, until 6am. I'm hoping he does the same tonight. I would love a good 6 hours of sleep!


  1. I can't wait to see all the pics! I'm gonna keep this place on my list of things to do for next summer! Maybe I should look for a pop-up camper on craigslist!! :)

  2. I hope you all have a great time & the weather is the best! Take lot's of pictures & tell Dave & Cathy I said 'Hi' please :)

  3. ahhh, good memories. I used to take my Wrangler to Silver Lake! have fun :)