Saturday, October 4, 2008

Busy day ahead of us...

The boys stayed at my mom's last night. Ryan had a poker night with some guys at work and I was scrapbooking with Lori in Chelsea. It was nice to have uninterrupted sleep for once. AHH! (yes... Hudson still is not sleeping through the night although he doesn't always need a bottle but he often needs to be plugged back in if he wakes up and wants his sucky. Must. Break. Habit.)

Ryan's dad is picking Porter up from my mom and taking him to Cabela's. How fun! I think Porter is going to have a blast just him and Dave. He was really excited about that.

My mom is keeping Hudson so we can do work around the house during the day. On the agenda:
  • Rip out carpet in playroom (carpet guy is coming at 1:00 to install new carpet)
  • Finish stripping wallpaper in playroom (started this Thursday. Eww.)
  • Maybe paint the playroom today?
  • Buy dirt for the berm (?) landscaping around our mailbox and possibly plant a few perrenials
  • Paint the upstairs hallway (finish from weeks ago...)
  • Check out Vermeulan's Furniture going out of business sale
  • Buy crown molding,
  • Buy and put in trim for the bathroom doorway (floor)

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