Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Imagine getting up at the crack of dawn every school day to write a letter to your children. And saving those letters. Imagine how much that would mean to your child once they are grown.

I just found this link from Ali Edwards' blog... Robert Guest is a father who as done just that. Amazing.

A few years back my mom gave me a book... one of those "fill in the answer" kind of books. Its all about her life growing up, her thoughts on being my mom, on me growing up etc. I love love love that book and love to read the things she wrote in it. I know there are already a few bloggers who write monthly letters to their child (maybe it was just the first year?) but I think I'm going to attempt to write a monthly letter/blog post to the boys... even if it is something simple like a quote or a thought or a wish for them... It would be neat to look back on. Maybe I'll even begin (yet ANOTHER) blog to do this so that it would be easier to print into a book later on? So that I don't get too gushy and gaggy on this blog?

Anyhow... I wanted to share that. How inspiring.


  1. I saw that today. How cool. Yeah, don't get all gushy on us now, Okay?! hahaha. I should start writing letters to Reyna. I regret not doing it from the beginning.

  2. That is a great idea. I just may have to do that. I have a lot of kids, but it would be sooo worth it! Thanks for sharing Nicole!