Sunday, October 5, 2008

Go Go Go around here

Today has been productive as well. I love productive weekends. We're hoping to relax next weekend, take a trip to Flavor Fruit Farms, I have one session next weekend (I had one this weekend as well), and we're going to have Lori, Don and the girls and Dave over for dinner on Saturday.

What was on my "accomplished" list today:
  • Began finalizing "BWMRW Chicago 2008" Blurb Book
  • Painted the upstairs hallway
  • Went to church with Leslie and Reyna
  • Watered all the new plants I planted yesterday
  • Swept our driveway (we have a few annoying pine trees next to the driveway and I hate the pine needles piling up on the driveway)
  • Last night I proofed my ENTIRE session from yesterday. Heather if you're reading this: I promise Aubri's pictures will be proofed SOON!
  • Ry mowed the lawn and put in the trim on the bathroom floor/floor between the foyer and living room... that freaking oak trim is $20/stick!)

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