Monday, October 6, 2008

Hudson: 4.5 months

I need to document more about this little dude... I'm shafting him without even trying.

  • We call him "Smiley Smiley Hudson Riley" for obvious reasons... he's always smiling. The boys are polar opposites... Porter wakes up as "Cranky Franky" while Hudson wakes up cooing and giggling.
  • He does this adorable coo that sounds like a cat purring- kind of rumbly in his throat. So cute.
  • He still isn't rolling over at all yet... he does roll onto his side, but he's pretty content to just chill out in whatever way is the least effort HAHA!
  • He loves chewing on things- he always has something in his mouth- bib, finger, arm, toy, sucky etc.... He has GOT to be teething.
  • He's eating 6oz bottles still... about 5 a day. He takes about 3 naps a day: One around 9am, another around 1ish and a short evening snooze around 4:30/5. Hours vary, of course... we're not rigid around here.
  • We haven't started cereal yet, and probably won't until 6 months or so- for my own lazy reasons, of course. I did buy a box of rice cereal, but its going into the pantry until I'm good and ready!
  • He fits best in 3-6/6 month clothes, but all his winter hand-me-downs are Porter's and they are 6-12 months so he kind of goes for the baggy look! I do need to find him a winter coat in a 3-6 month though because Porter's coats are HUGE on him.
  • He's still not sleeping through the night... some nights he'll sleep till 3 and want a bottle and go right to bed. Some nights being plugged back in (aka... sucky popped back into mouth) will suffice. Other nights he's up numerous times because the God Blessed sucky has fallen out Yet. Again. By this time with Porter we were letting him cry himself to sleep and back to sleep. But I seem to have a bit of uh... guilt doing that with Hudson. He's so easygoing and he complains about zip all day long, I figure why the hell not humor him and keep attending to his night needs? Yeah... yeah... its getting old. I'll figure it out one day.
  • He doesn't like to "stand" on his feet. Whereas Porter at this age would stand and hold onto your hand... Hudson retracts his legs and huddles them into the fetal position, smiling the whole time. He's a nutcase.
(oh my word don't mind my retarted talking!)


  1. How is he already 4.5 months?! Smiley Smiley Hudson Riley is adorable. He's such a doll.

  2. That's hilarious! He is so cute! What a sweet little boy!

  3. That's hilarious what he does with his legs! I showed Drew and we cannot believe how much he looks like Grant sometimes. It's nuts!

  4. I love how he pulls his feet up like that. So cute. He sounds like he is just the sweetest laid back baby ever.

  5. Yesterday when I commented I was at work and your videos had no sound. I watched them tonight...too funny. Love Porter with the cat and Hudson how he doesn't want to stand.