Friday, October 31, 2008

Productive day thus far

Its 1:00pm and I have done more today than I think I've done all week! Let's see...

  • Out the door by 7:45am to make it to my 8:15 foot appointment
  • Went to the (1)bank, (2)Target, (3)TJ Maxx, (4)Bed Bath and Beyond, (5)Bath and Body Works, (6)Gap, (7)Gymboree and (8)WalMart. With BOTH boys. They were amazing and so well behaved.
  • Rewarded Porter for being so good with a few minutes on the big metal hippo in the mall and then a trip to George Wade Park
  • Came home and made lunch to eat outside (the weather is gorgeous today!)
  • Raked the leaves in the backyard while Hudson sat in the swing and Porter played in the yard.
So now I'm attempting to put both boys down for a nap and possibly nap myself. Its been a long day!


  1. You're an awesome mom for bringing those boys everywhere!! I am really wanting to get out of the house and shop around. I just don't really have days off anymore!! LOL!!

  2. Way to go! Send some of your productivity my way!

  3. That's an amazing accomplishment!