Saturday, October 25, 2008


My house is clean (it's a miracle!) and Ryan and the boys are staying at his dads house tonight. Zoey is next door on a "playdate" with Gracie, Ramsey is jealously wandering the house wondering why she can't go (she's a little alpha-dog, so we don't send her over there). I'm just waiting for some girlfriends to get here for a night of scrapbooking! YAY!

Before I sent the boys off, I attempted to take some pictures.... It wasn't so easy trying to hold a 2lb. camera out and press the shutter on my own LOL! Unfortunately, most of the pictures of me and Hudson ended up like this....

I did get this cute one though....
And this funny one... (looks like he's whispering something scary to me!)
And of course Mr. Porter... showing off his new winter hat...

And the scratch on his chin from falling on his face at the doctor's today...
My love-love...

Ok... gotta run.... I think the first of the girls has arrived! Off to Scrapbook-Loser-Land!


  1. Oh, CUTE pictures! Hudson looks adorable in his Halloween outfit. Hope you had fun scrapbooking - post your layouts!

  2. Adorable pic's.

    Last night was a ton of fun, but I didn't get a damn thing done. Oh, well. :)

  3. The one of Hudson whispering to you is so funny! And, the one of you kissing him, needs to go on the wall. That is adorable.

  4. That is impressive that you got those just by holding your camera yourself! I love all of Hudson and Porter's outfits, those are some well dressed little guys. I had fun last night, hope your mom protected you from the boogie man :)

  5. P.S. Scrapbook-Loser-Land is the coolest.

  6. Cute pictures. I'll be joining Scrapbook-Loser-Land next time!! :)