Monday, October 20, 2008


Wasn't there a blogger I was reading about not too long ago whose dog got sprayed with a skunk?

I think Zoey got sprayed. Every so often we get the smell of skunk around here... the joys of living near nature. Well, last night it was pretty strong and Ryan had just brought Zoey in from getting out of our dog kennel. I immediately told him to put her in the garage in case it WAS her (this blogger I read about... their house was reeking weeks after the dog graced the house for just seconds!).

Well, its morning and it STILL has not gone away. I just peeked my head into the garage and the garage smells pretty bad. I smelled out the back door to the driveway... not so bad smelling.

SHIT! I don't have time for this!

So what do we do with dog that may or may not have been sprayed with skunk?


I found a dog groomer that de-skunks dogs. Hallelujah! Ryan has class tonight and I just don't have time to deal with a smelly dog, two kids and a house that needs to be cleaned. Not to mention the darn dog barks when she's tied up outside... and she keeps getting out of our fenced in dog area (which is how she got herself in this situation in the first place!). GRR! So, $35 (UGHGUHG!) later we'll HOPEFULLY have a more pleasant smelling dog. If not, they can keep her.

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  1. Was Lori's blog the one you were referring to?

    Hope you got the odor all worked out. how horrible!