Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh, grrreat! ....the cat is taking him up

Here's a little video of Porter the other day.... there are a few funny Porter quotes thrown in there....

Tonight we went to the library's "Milk and Cookie Storytime"... such a cute idea. I put pj's and slippers on the boys (as did LeeAnn and Maria with their kids)... how fun! They were read 2 books and then got a coloring page and project to take home and got a snack of milk and cookies! Since Ryan is gone at class on Mon, Wed and Thurs, I hope to make this a regular Monday night activity.


  1. He is so funny! Da cat was trying to take him up! He was trying so hard to be gentle, awwww.

  2. So cute!! Gavin was pointing to Porter saying, "Gavin!, Gavin!"...LOL!

  3. Too cute!!
    My youngest JUST started talking like that...and he'll be 6!! You are sooo blessed to have such bright, witty and sweet boys!!

  4. LMAO @ the video of Porter the cat stalker, so cute! Morgan is scared shitless of cats, seriously WTH? Cats??