Friday, October 10, 2008

Weird friend dreams

The past few nights I've had really strange dreams about friends I've lost contact with.

One friend I spoke with the other night on the phone (in real life)- we lost contact about a year ago when I got pregnant and was working full time. This dream was pretty vivid and I remember a lot.

I dreamt that my house was broken into by her and some other girl (a friend of hers??) and that, the day before, I had told her on the phone that I was not going to be home and she was surprised I was there. They had baseball bats and I was scared to death. I promised them I didn't have any money- I didn't keep any cash on hand. They still proceeded to scour my house, while I sat back on the couch hoping they didn't get violent. I then found an envelope of cash that Ryan had stashed under the couch cushion and while it had several hundred dollars in it I told them there was $140 and gave them that, hoping they'd leave. Then I went into another room with my "friend" and while we were in there her "friend" found the envelope with the cash I kept back and was mad.

Weird dream.

Last night I had a dream that a used-to-be-great friend that we haven't spoke to in awhile called me out of the blue to tell me something (can't remember what) and that I was really happy she had called and I hoped we could mend things. This dream was more vague... but I just rememberd those pieces a minute ago while doing my hair.

Dreams are weird.

What strange dreams have you had lately?


  1. I am not sure if you read my blog but I had a dream that the doctor took my baby out to see what it was and then put it back in after to let me carry it to term. SO STRANGE..
    I have some crazy dreams. I always have.

  2. lately i don't sleep much...but when i do it seems to full of really bizarre dreams...i wake up and think "man that was nuts"...and then it is gone....

  3. Ha ha....who were the friends? Do I know 'em? I have weird dreams all the time but I am one of those people who rarely remembers what they were about when I wake up...

  4. I have crazy dreams anyway, but they've been at a whole new level since I've been pregnant. Now they often include people and friends I haven't seen, thought about, or talked to in years. Last night I had a strange one, but I don't remember it-all I remember is that Patrick woke up too and I told him I had a strange dream to tell him in the morning. I do remember something from last night though-I had a dream that I had four pieces of a kit kat bar-and when I just now thought about that it made me sad because I really DON'T have a kit kat in the freezer waiting for me.