Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have to say (and I'm probably biased) but I think I belong such a cool church. I *heart* Westwinds and I hate it when I've been gone for too long. I haven't been to WW since a few weeks before Hudson was born... yeouch. Its such hip- contemporary-up to date- fresh church. They're even on Twitter and they have blogs!

Leslie and I went to church today and it was so refreshing to get back there, sing some worship songs and hear what David McDonald had to say. We're starting back up in teh middle of a 7 week series, and I'm bummed I missed out on the last three weeks- there was one week about evolution and that's always been something that I've pondered... how that coexists with Christian beliefs.

I hope they upload the video from this week... WOW. Moving... that's all I have to say. I'll blog it if they do.

Anyhow... I found a video on YouTube of part of the fusion service (aka: Sunday Service)...


  1. It felt so good to be there on Sunday. I am really liking Westwinds for their laid back style and open door.

  2. the video they played is online

    it was amazingly powerful wasn't it?