Monday, November 3, 2008

BWMRW 2009

I originally wasn't going to post this but I figured what the hey... our group has grown to 20+ people so I guess the more the merrier? (Plus there are some bloggers that us FG* girls are pretty close with who still haven't joined the group and I wanted to put this out there in case they missed my emails!) If you're interested in joining in on BWMRW 2009 and you're a blogger (must have a blog- one stipulation!), you can join us at BWMRW 2009. Apply for the group and please post your blog in your application.

In case you're wondering what "group" of bloggers this consists of... well, its most of us "*First Generation" girls: Me, Kim Berrisford, Heather Morrison, Leslie Collins, LeeAnn Howard, Kasey Laughlin and Maria Cook along with some other blog friends we've met through this wonderful addiction.

Currently we're voting on location, so if you're wanting to go and you have an opinion on where it should be (sorry, a select few locations have already been chosen and the voting is in process....), you can vote on one of the selected locations now!


  1. I'm not sure that I did it correctly, because it never asked me for my blog address?

  2. I have to be completely honest with you... I was soooo excited for the trip if I could pull it off next year! But now, with little one here, I have NO idea how I can leave her... I am so attatched... I am so pathetic! I know I'll need to do it sooner or later though...

  3. I don't know if I joined the group right or not. Hopefully I did because I am interested in attending this year.

  4. oooohhhhh, i've been seeing the emails. but.... i just don't know that i can do it!
    we're building this dang house and that pretty much means no fun, besides house fun for now. grr....

    is it possible to join last

  5. Hello I signed up, but I forgot to put my blog address in there...sorry!

  6. For some reason I can't log on to the Yahoo group anymore?