Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family Photos

Today we swapped sessions with Jen from JoNa Photography. Technically she was gracious enough to shoot my family because if you remember, she did an amazing job with my maternity photos this past spring, so she has one up on me. :) Thanks so much, Jen!

The day started out beautiful but as I left the house for her session it was raining! She traveled here from Lansing so we met up anway and headed to the train station for a little coverage. Luckily the rain let up and we did get to meander downtown.

Ryan brought the boys downtown after I was done shooting Jen's family. Porter (as always) started out being overly bashful and wouldn't even look at Jen. He even began screaming as we attempted our first location. Nice.... Luckily Jen was great and patient and he warmed up to her pretty well... maybe it was because I encouraged him to jump in some mud puddles (in 40* weather!) while she was shooting. HAHA!

Jen has a sneak peek up for us and I have posted mine for her... I think both sessions turned out great! (Although, I told Jen... why the hell did I wear that belt under my saggy leftover baby pooch?! Must. Get. Rid. Of. It!)

I am so happy to finally have photos of the 4 of us!


  1. Both sets are really really great!! They will look great in your house!

  2. wow! all those are great. i think it's great that the weather didn't stop you. LOL.

  3. I like the first b&w one of your family the best!