Friday, November 14, 2008

The Monkey Updates

This past week has seemed to hold an explosion of new developments for the boys. Its about that time for an update for my records.

Well, obviously I've been updating a LOT with the quirkly little dittys that he comes up with... he keeps us laughing around here, that's for sure. Another new saying he has for when something goes wrong etc is "Oh Pickles!" I think he told me grandma told him that one. Cute! :) (and much better than the one mommy and daddy have inevitably taught him!)

He's really gotten into using his imagination and playign with his Little People stuff. He has people from the Main Street Village as well as the Little People house, bus, castle and garage. He used his blocks to build a gate (aka... fence) for the cars and horses. One of the builders kept knocking one of the ladies off the top of the castle so he had to sit in a time out at the bottom of the castles steps. When time out was over he apologized to the lady. It was so cute.

He is really liking puzzles now as well... he's finally exhibiting some patience to work on finding the right pieces and really looking for clues that go together. Unfortunately, we only have 1 puzzle that's challenging for him so I think Santa is going to bring him some more 24/48 piece puzzles for Christmas.

This week he has gone from being a bit wobbly sitting up to being able to sit up, bend over and reach for toys, look around etc and not fall over. He's getting stronger and more stable! But... the kid STILL does not roll over! Hmmm...

Hudson has also began to fuss/whine when I leave the room/his sight. Oh... fun. He also has started throwing fits (crying/fussing) when a toy/slobber soaked paper etc is taken from him.

He's really found his voice this week... he's full of yelling and growling and squealing and laughing and "talking" in general. Its so cute! He loves to laugh at Porter. Yesterday Porter was laying on the floor and I was putting Hudson on him to "get" him and they were both cracking up so much. They were playing peek a boo with a dish towel and cracking up at eachother. I love how they're starting to play together... its so fun!

Now that Hudson is beginning to interact more with Porter, the toys are now free for all! Porter isn't too happy about it although the does handle it well. Tonight Hudson was gnawing to death Porters prized dune buggy truck. Porter wanted to snatch it but we'd been working on "better choices" and Porter said to Hudson "Hudson... you wanna trade? You wanna trade me?" And he tried his bus but no dice. He got a hammer... no dice. Plastic horse... Ding ding ding! It was so cute to watch him try to coerce him into trading.


  1. That is so funny... Sawyer says "Oh Pickles" all the time too! That is really so weird... have they been hanging out behind our backs??

    I hope we can see you guys sometime soon... before Hudson grows up too much and is running around with the big boys too!

  2. What an adorable picture of the two of them. It must melt your heart to see them starting to play together. Awwww...

  3. that is such a cute story about the "trade"! it reminds me of when my son would do that with my daughter and she would just be so excited that he was paying attention to her that she would gladly give up the toy for whatever he would offer her...yeah, those days are LONG gone :) hee hee! thanks for sharing :)