Monday, November 10, 2008

P's first re-tellable bad dream...

Poor little guy! He woke up this morning in a whiny, scared, half asleep dream state.

I walked into his room and asked him what was wrong. Still half asleep, eyes still half closed he says "Papa just punched me!"

Me: "What?"

Me: "Why? Why did Papa punch you?"

P: "Because Papa just punched me in the nose."

Me: "What were you doing?"

P: "I was chasing daddy."

Me: "Why were you chasing daddy?"

P: "Daddy chased me."

Me: "Were you scared or were you having fun?"

P: "I was just scared!"

Awww... poor little guy! I hate it when he wakes up whimpering and sounds like he's had a bad dream. It cracks me up and at the same time makes me feel so bad for him that he remembered a dream like that! Seriously... Papa punched him in the nose? Oh my!!

He's fully awake now and I just asked him a few more questions to see what he'd say... and he sounds like he's starting to tell stories... he says Daddy was chasing him and pulling on his pants trying to get him dressed but Porter didn't want to to to bedtime. And Papa was chasing Daddy and pulling on him. And at that point he started grinning like he was making up some funny story. HAHA!

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