Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time out remorse....

Porter was put in time out yesterday (ok, nothing new... daily occurrence) and while he normally takes it like a champ, does his time, apologizes and explains what he did wrong.... this time he wasn't having it. He was ticked. Well, soo sooo sad. And upset... as he'd say.

So while Ryan and I were in the living room listening to this....

(Porter) "I'm SO saaad! I'm upset! Daddy! I want to have my chance back! I'm so saaad! Give me my chance back!" (meaning chance as in... he had one chance to do something and he didn't do it... earning him a time out)

We were clearly biting our lips and trying not to let him hear us cracking up.

Po-Ev.... you surely make us smile every day. We love you!