Monday, November 10, 2008

Turn the tv on to depression...

What grim stories were on the news this morning. Porter turned the tv on and the first thing on was about how the Detroit Auto Industry is barely surviving and at this point they cannot survive on their own. Great.

And the next story was how Bin Laden is planning another attack on the US that will by far surpass the devastation of 9/11. Double great.

What a scary world we live in right now. What a sad country we live in right now. Obama has his work cut out for him and I pray that as he begins his term in office he doesn't have anything as terrible as the 9/11 attacks to deal with... I think our economy is work enough!! If I were him I'd be scared shitless... kudos for him (and McCain) for WANTING to sort out our country right now!


  1. We do live in a very scary world. It's depressing, actually. I hope our auto industry can turn around. I cannot imagine Detroit w/out the auto industry.

  2. That is why I never watch the news! I agree with you - anyone who actually wants the responsibility of running our country at this stage deserves our respect.

  3. I know- it's so sad lately! That's why I always squeeze my baby and just wanna protect her so much from the world we are now living in... hopefully our kiddos can grow up and make a better future!