Saturday, November 8, 2008

Who is this man...

and where is my husband?

Ryan has been hard at work stripping the hellish wallpaper in our dining room. By himself. And not complaining.

Background: He doesn't do painting/decorating/wallpaper stripping type jobs. He's the guy knocking down walls, installing floors, building shelves etc etc.

Last night we went to work to attempt to get the dining room wallpaper stripped since we're hosting Thanksgiving dinner here in a few short weeks. I've stripped wallpaper in 4 other rooms of our house (5 if you count the playroom I started) and none of the other rooms were half as hard as this room. The vinyl layer of the wallpaper comes off in 1' x 1' little shreds.

Ry went to put Porter to bed last night and somehow bedtime took an hour. *cough* *cough* staller! *cough* *cough*. So I finally got sick of waiting for him and said "I'm done. I'm hiring someone and it'll be our anniversary present. I'm done." And I cleaned up my mess and went on to other projects in the house. Ryan, though, got back to work and worked on the dining room for a few more hours last night and has been working on it most of the day today. MOST OF THE DAY!!! I was helping him a bit earlier and jokingly said "Oh the only reason you're doing this is because I threatened to spend $$ to hire someone to strip the wallpaper and you'd rather buy new phones for our anniversary."

He says.... "Actually, nope. I want to make you happy. A happy wife makes a happy husband."

BWAH HAHA HAHA! Think the dude wants some ice cream?


  1. Hehe.
    Hey, it doesn't matter what he wants, at least the wallpaper is getting done! You lucked out on that one!

  2. LOL-- "ice cream" LOVE IT!! Go him for getting it done!!

  3. HA! Is "ice cream" his code? I must have missed that post. ; ) We want to eventually get rid of the wallpaper in our dining room. I can't wait(groan).

  4. Hey, whatever he wants right? At least he's getting it done, even if it might be for "ice cream". LOL!

  5. lol! good one.

    glad to hear you guys are making even more progress on all your projects. :)

  6. I dont kur who yar...dat "Ice Cream" shit is funny rite dare! We have had a lot of "Ice Cream" lately because I heard its good to have in order to conceive a baby....I hope I am eating the right kind in order to get a boy, lol! Oh and go Ry! What a guy....Although I am sure he probably did have "Ice Cream" on his mind....damn men....they always have an alterior motive!

  7. See I told ya he wanted to get lucky last night! He put extra tequila in your drink too, remember?? LOL!

    Ryan's thoughts:
    *Take down wallpaper (check)
    *take scrap bags downstairs for her friends (check)
    *some extra tequila to liquor her up (check)
    *earns me some ICE CREAM!!!