Saturday, November 15, 2008

Words of Wisdom from our wedding day

On each table was a stack of papers and a pen for guests to write their "Words of Wisdom" for the new bride and groom. We compiled all the great (and sometimes hilarious) advice into a book. I thought I'd share the most memorable...

"Here's a little tip for you both: Always be polite and kind to one another even when you are mad at each other!"

"Be PATIENT with each other, UNDERSTANDING and willing to COMPROMISE with each other. "

"To Ryan: When you are older, whatever you do: DO NOT walk around the house in your underwear and dress socks when your children have their friends around.
To Nicole: If he does, FORGIVE him."

"Please trust me when I say: The Wife is always right. "

"Ryan: Always tell her she is right and never go to bed mad.
Nicole: Always tell him he is the most important person in your life. "

"Keep excuses to 3 words or less, Ryan."

"1) Respect deer season
2) Ryan's parents told us on our wedding day to always go out of town on our anniversary. They are our only relatives that aren't divorced, so we always listened.
3) Laughter- that is the most important thing."

"When you fight or get annoyed with each other ask yourself 'Is this how I would treat my best friend?' Marriage is about growing to be best friends- always respect and cherish that. So glad you found each other!"

"Always speak your mind but never yell
Try to notice the little things that each of you do for the other and thank them for it
Leave each other love notes
Be nice to each other even if you're mad
Don't lie
Be honest
Do everything you can TOGETHER"

"Jeff says the husband is always right! I say Jeff is sadly mistaken ! :) "

"A smile and I'm sorry will help you in times of trouble, so don't let your bride get in the way- say I Love You everyday!"

"Whenever things get down look back and remember your wedding and vows for that is the foundation of your life together. The best advice I was given at our marriage was never go to sleep mad... take the time and solve any issues before you sleep."

"The secret to a long and happy marriage is maintaining a strong physical attraction. May you live as long as you want to, and want to as long as you life!"

"~Celebrate the good times, ride out the rougher- any relationship is like an ocean wave with high points and low, and lots of in between. Love is not static, but ever changing.
~Find ways to praise each other for that person's good points
~Take time away from each other as well as taking time together, away from everyone else.
~Develop your own interests and hobbies. Also, joint activities.
~Make love in different ways and places on occasion and kiss each other goodbye when leaving. "

"Enjoy life to the fullest
Massage each other often (daily)
Make love just so you're 5 minutes late, then brag about it.
Never stop "dating"
Share the household chores
Remember you're never "an old married couple"
Communication is a main key.
Cook a special dinner for each other
Go to bed together
Sleep in together"

"The secret to a happy marriage: Nurture each other as often as possible in every little and big ways as you can. "

"Always, always be honest with each other. "

"There are many ingredients to a successful marriage.
-The words I'm Sorry are necessary- but must be said with the heart not just by mouth.
-Always keep the romance. Marriage can seem like the same old, same old sometimes, but always keep the fire goign with romance!
-Lastly, keep smiling, laughing and enjoying each other. Without humor being around in ourselves, each other and those around us, happiness seems to dry up. Always keep the humor."


  1. Just stumbled across your blog. LOVE the advice!!! Those are all soooo true. My husband and I have been married 11+ years. You HAVE to keep it real and fun to make it work!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Nicole!
    I enjoyed reading those :)

  3. Haha!! Those are funny....Happy Anniversary! Don and I are celebrating 5 years in May also, we should plan a Vegas weekend to celebrate 5 looooong years....want to?? I know the guys will be in.:)

  4. Great reminders! I love them all (I have been married 10 years)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!

    The years go by so fast sometimes. Other times, they seem like you've been married twice as long. That's the usually the reality of it.

    Those were cute ideas, too!! ;P