Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting ready for a whirlwind of a Christmas Break....

Its finally Christmas break for me WOO HOO! I don't work Fridays, so my weekend starts early. Although, I have a feeling school will be canceled tomorrow as we're anticipating up to 10 inches of snow overnight. Awesome for kids and teachers, sucky for my hubby who just spent hours shoveling our long ass driveway only for it to get dumped on again. Sucks to have a long driveway in the winter... but I have a feeling the kids will think its kick-ass once they're old enough to ride bikes!

Tomorrow we're home, hanging out and marching forward attempting to tackle the to do list that has been accumulating over the past month or two of craziness. I swear I feel like I started back to work and I haven't taken a breath since.... especially since Ryan's gone 3 nights a week. I don't know what the hell the problem is but I feel like I get NOTHING done at night. My day is gone in like a blink... Wake up, drop kids off at sitter, go to work, come home, get dinner ready, spend a few with the kids, put them in bed, clean up the house and boom... time for bed to start all over again. And don't even get me started if I have errands to run... then we don't see our house until 6 or 7pm, then have to rush around to get dinner ready... making an even later (and more exhausted) night. Gah. Such is the life. Maybe one day I'll win the lotto and quit my job. Or maybe hire a housekeeper and errand runner and nanny. Or maybe both!! HAHA! That would be the life...

So anyhow... tomorrow we're home until after naps then we're heading to Lansing to have pizza with Jen and Nathan. I'm really excited to finally get some time to hang out with Jen... seems like we're always both so busy or something.

Saturday I'm in Detroit for a session... yes, I did say this summer I was done traveling for work but its a NEWBORN and you know how googly oogly I am for newborn sessions...

Sunday we're doing a big cookie baking day with LeeAnn and my sister and the kids. We have about 8 different cookies on the list... wish us luck!

I'm sure next week will fly by and soon it will be CHRISTMAS! I'm so excited to see how Porter reacts. I'm still trying to follow the 4 gift rule but I love shopping for this kid and I've found that over the past few months I've picked up WAY too many things... but I feel like I can justify it because I bought it at a resale shop or garage sale or something. I combined a bunch of red toys (truck, puzzle, box of crayons that was red, etc..) into a box and thought... this can count as one gift, right? LOL! We're sticking to the 4 gift rule, but Santa is bringin a load this year.... Really, though, I probably spent less than $100... I only bought a few things new and they were inexpensive (like puzzles, a book on clearance, a sweatshirt on clearance). I rarely buy the boys brand new toys... seems like a waste of money to me.

And right after Christmas Ry, Don and Jade are going to Wisconsin (or is it Minnesota?) for some game... I think Leslie and Reyna and possibly Katie and the boys are going to come over and have a "girls/kids" weekend with me... and keep me company because I'm a chicken ass in our house alone LOL!

And just after the guys get back from their Guys Weekend trip, we're having a New Years Eve "Good Fortune for 2009" Game Night/Pot-Luck Party. I'm super excited about it.... we have about 20 close friends and neighbors coming over and we're even going to have a psycic come and do readings all evening.

THEN I am having a scrapbook day/evening to make up for old times since we haven't gone to Chelsea or Archivers for an all-day thing lately... so that'll take up all day/night Friday and well, then before I know it it will be Monday and back to the old grind (although... can it really be a grind when you're working with kids... they keep you on your toes!)

So... that's what I'm looking forward to. I can't wait to have 2 weeks home to hang out with my little guys (and Ryan will also be off work from Christmas Eve until Jan 5th, so we'll have extra time with him too!) and to hopefully get caught up on some things and BLEh... to get all my photography bookwork ready for my accountant. That should be fun... seeing I haven't really kept up with things since this summer.... That's surely going to be an all day job!


  1. Hurrah...YIPPEE! I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow. Nathan is excited to share his toys with Porter and show Hudson his baby toys (that he rediscovered and loves again). I suppose I should be cleaning my house or something...but no...I'm waiting for you to blog so I can read what you are up to!

  2. I am so glad it is break too. I am looking forward to the 2nd! I haven't scrapped in MONTHS!

  3. Oy! You have so much planned! Have fun!