Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hudson at 7 Months

He's now officially closer to a year old than he is a newborn... waah!

Here is Hudson at 7 months:
  • Still not rolling (although he's strong enough and probably able to, he just has no desire to)
  • Which means... still no scooting or crawling
  • He has just started to hold his own bottle... WOO HOO!
  • He babbles all sorts of consonants... buh buh ga ga... la la la la etc etc
  • He eats about 4 bottles a day, between 6-8 oz per bottle
  • He loves his oatmeal mixed with apple juice (something I never did for Porter... seriously I don't think Porter had ever had apple juice until recently! I have bought a total of ohh... 3 jugs of juice in P's whole life)
  • He is very cautious and curious, prefers to sit back and study rather than get into things
  • He loves chewing on books (again... something Porter rarely did...)
  • Thinks Porter is the best things since... clean diapers. (I'd say sliced bread but... )
  • Has just begun to eat "real" foods... he loves bagels and crackers. He gets so excited to eat big people foods. He has tried peas and bananas as well.
  • He has a bit of separation anxiety.... he screams and whines when you leave the room. My mom was picking on him the other day and said "Well, if you'd start moving around you could follow us into the next room!" HAHA!
  • Has one tooth on the bottom
Its so funny to me how different my boys are... I love it as it makes parenting two boys so interesting and new. I love how their personalities are so different... I love them both in so many different ways.


  1. Happy 7 Months! I LOVE all of those pics especially the 1st one with the tree in the background.

  2. Happy 7 months, Hudson! In one of those pics, I had a total flashback to baby Porter!

  3. what a beautiful boy!! He and Porter look a lot alike, but they also have their differences. You are so great at capturing the light in kids' eyes. they are so bright and sparkly!

  4. awesome pictures! he's too cute.

  5. what a sweetie! he looks like he was hammin' it up for the camera pretty good! :)

  6. Too bad he's not happy or anything :) I love the first pic of him with the tree in the background.