Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its official

The boys BOTH have the pukes.

In true Hudson style, he's still happy go lucky except for the minute or two before he projectiles the contents of his stomach and he's nearly smiling as he does so LOL! Then he's back to his giggly self as we clean him up and redress him again.

Porter is playing in the bath right now. Hudson is passed out for a nap. There is piles of pukey laundry and clean unfolded laundry to be done.

Should be a fun day. Har har har.


  1. Oh no! I hope they recover quickly! Nobody likes the pukes!

  2. As much as you hate to see anyone sick, it's better now than on Christmas Eve!
    Hope it's quick and they are better soon :)

  3. Oh no, the pukes are the WORST! Hopefully you and Ryan don't get them too, nasty.

    Hope the boys recover soon - damn siblings that share everything! LOL

  4. oh - poor little guys! i hope they get better soon!

  5. Hope they feel better soon, both mine had them last week. Hate the pukes!