Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dreaming of somewhere warm.....

Gah... all this frigid arctic weather is making me hate winter. I normally don't despise it so much. I grew up here in Michigan so I'm used to snow. I kind of prefer it to the drab dead gray look when the snow melts in the spring and don't mind snow once its on the ground, plowed and orderly.

Its been so freaking cold lately I barely want to leave the house. Today its 18* which seems warm to the -20* temps we had a few days ago. Our apartment and garage are flooded and you can practically ice skate in our garage. It needs to warm up so we can thaw it out and get everything dry.

Today I was dreaming of warm vacation destinations which, sadly, aren't going to happen this year. I wish we were financially able to do a big family vacation to warm climates every spring break like some people, but with the new house and a bigger mortgage, my original plan to rent a house in Florida this spring break isn't going to pan out. Don't get me wrong... I'd MUCH rather have my new house than a vacation every year but right now the warm states sound preeety darn good. I'm hoping maybe next spring break we will have the money to do a big trip.

My next best option this year is Blog World Girls Trip in March, which is still going to be pretty cold in Chicago. (Why oh why didn't we decide on Florida?!??) And our next vacay, which we just "booked" is a weekend camping at Lake Michigan with a group of friends.... the Huffs, Collins, Howards, Dawsons and possibly the Johnsons. Should be interesting.... we'll have 8 kids under the age of 3.5 (thre 1 year olds, two 2 year olds, and three 3 year olds!). I'm excited about it though, as camping is always more fun with friends.

I guess I'll just have to start counting down the days until the warmth comes back to Michigan.... which more than likely won't be until June. Grrar.

Let me get you readers involved (you've been quiet this weekend!)... where are you going on vacation this year? Do you do a big trip every spring break or are you bums like us and typically stay home?


  1. it will be home for us...maybe great wolf lodge...that's about it :(

  2. Hey...I am right there with you about the weather!!! Travis and I are planning on visiting his family in Spokane the last two weeks of July...and I definitely want to join all of you in Chicago this year!

  3. Vacation this year is to Michigan... woo flipping hoo... and Maine at some point!

    You are always welcome down here... USUALLY its really warm :)

  4. We usually TRY to go somewhere as a couple and with our extended family. Who knows with this economy though, it is a little scary planning a vacation in advance. Camping is a new adventure for us this year and I think it will be so much fun!!

  5. I hate MN weather. I'm so ready to put the house on the market and buy some real estate in FL!

    We are heading to Fl in a few weeks and are going to do Disney for a couple of days. I'm getting excited but nervous for the plane ride with the 3 kids. Scary! This is our first family trip, but Bri and I are travelers and still try to do it as much as possible. We are going to Phoenix for our Anniversary in April too.

  6. Okay fine, I'll leave you another comment, even though you never leave me any! (sulking)

    This is a subject I have been wrestling with for MONTHS. My parents are going to Florida the first 2 weeks in March and invited us to come. Everything just about would be free, except the plane tickets, so I have to decide - buy all the things we "need" like new glasses for me, new shoes for me, a class for Dylan, or go on a very needed vacation. Not having money sucks!

  7. We are heading to Chicago ( just the two of us) in February sometime. March with Blog trip and camping in June. I am on the hunt right now for some cheap tickets to Florida. I might be heading down with my parents next month for a week. I really want to take Reyna to Disney. As far as a big family trip this year, I am not sure. Jade & I would like to do a cruise, but with the baby coming, it probably won't happen this year.

    I am ready for a change of scenery, too.

  8. Camping sounds fun, but I am not so sure with that many kids. I am sure you and your friends will have a great time. My friend Amy loves to camp because her husband pretty much takes care of everything...the cooking, the set up, the clean up, the tear down, the dishes, everything. :)

    Unfortunately, I don't know when we will be vacationing next. We are 12 weeks pregnant with our third baby so it either needs to be soon or it will be a while. I am with you living in the Pacific Northwest it is cold (not as cold as where you are...but still cold) and today was the first day that we actually saw the sun for more than a split second. Have a great holiday Monday!

  9. I can relate to dreaming of somewhere warm! We rarely take vacations - usually it's more like a 1 or 2-day road trip to South Haven or something like that. We rarely travel outside of Michigan (unfortunately!)

    By the way I read about your basement flooding - way to ruin a perfectly good weekend! I hope it all sorts out without being too messy for you guys.

  10. Oh, they showed you state on our news last week and I was thinking of you guys. BRRRRRRR!

    We go to Las Vegas every spring. But this year I'm not sure where else. Last year we kinda over did ourselves with traveling so most likely just a Utah Vacation. Maybe Moab!

  11. My husband and I are going to Mexico in February. We traveled a ton before our son was born, and I've been suffering a major travel withdrawal ever since. We weren't going to do a vacation this winter thanks to the economy, but then I just decided we HAVE to go, before a possible second child comes along (because who do we know that would watch TWO kids for a week?). I can hardly wait to hit the beach and forget about the midwest for a few days.