Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hudson: 8 Months

  • Weighs 16lbs 15oz (10th %), 27" long (50th %) and is in the 25% for his head circumference which I think is odd since his head seems so large. But, I guess compared to his body it is.
  • Is quite a talker- he babbles and screeches and makes up all sorts of jibberish.
  • Loves to dance... he bobs his head and hunches his back/shoulders, rocking back and forth. So cute.
  • Is still content just... sitting. He doesn't crawl or scoot or roll. Which is nice because you can often find him hanging out on the kitchen counter top while I make meals, but it gets annoying when he wants to follow you around the house but can't do much more than twist his wrists and ankles.
  • He likes to stand next to things, but he tips over easily. And I'm serious about tipping... he's like a sleeping cow- falls over straight up, no bending, crouching, folding to it. He's like felling a tree!
  • His favorite toys are the Fisher Price Lil' Snoopy puppy... he cracks up when he squeaks at him.... and the LeapFrog Spin and Sing toy.
  • Loves Oma. LOVES Oma. He gets so excited when she's here.
  • Is getting better at eating. He loves bread sticks (pizza or just the crust) and loves garlic bread and crackers. Carb-o-holic, much? He eats babyfood much better now, but he also likes big people food like lasagna, spaghetti, rice and well, pretty much whatever we're eating.
  • Typically takes 2 naps a day but sometimes he sleeps in in the morning... if he sleeps past 7:30 or so he won't take a morning nap.
  • Drinks 4-5 bottles a day
  • Wears 6-12 month clothes
  • Loves our dogs so much. He gets so happy to see them


  1. long-time reader, not-frequent-enough commentor here...you forgot "is just so so so darn cute!!" i've read your blog for a long time (since i joined scrapjazz in 06 or 07) and i've enjoyed watching porter and hudson grow up. love your photography and your funny stories!

  2. I am cracking up at the sleeping cow comment. Poor Hudson! :) I can picture him now chilling on the counter while you are cookin' dinner.

    Reyna was such a "mover and a shaker" (like Porter) that I do not know what it feels like to have a calm, laid back kid. I always wonder if the next baby is going to be high strung like Reyna or more calm and laid back.....should be interesting to find out.

  3. isn't it crazy how fast they grow?

  4. I think it's unfair that I got 2 monkey children, where is my laid back one, I got ripped off!!!

    Hudson is such a peanut, I'm worried Callie won't want to date him because outweighs him by so much and no woman wants to be the big one in the relationship LOL I sat her on the scale today with a shirt and diaper and she was exactly 25 lbs LMAO