Thursday, January 1, 2009

I knew holding out would pay off....

I've had my eye out for a new carseat for Porter for the past few months. Currently we have 3 carseats.... two that can go rearfacing or forward facing and the infant carseat. Hudson is getting big enough that he doesn't sleep in the infant carseat once we remove it from the car, so I've been wanting to just switch him to a regular rearfacing carseat (ie... Porter's) for convenience. I already knew I wanted to get the Graco Nautilus for Porter- it is a forward facing seat only and the harness goes up to 65lbs and it can also be converted to a back or backless booster for up to 100lbs! And its regular price is a steal at $150.

(Those of you who know me or are regular blog readers know I'm anal about carseats and I want P to be in a harness for awhile... most seats only harness kids up to 40lbs and I can't guarantee he'll be able to stay in one of those for as long as I want. And I am not the type of person to go spend nearly $270 on a Britax when there are other more economical and just as safe options on the market).

I looked at Baby Age and Target and the Nautilus is selling for $180.... rip off. Walmart has it for $150 (just looked at it tonight) and I JUST found it on Amazon for $130 with free shipping! WOO HOO!

So I ordered one and will be moving Hudson over to Porter's current seat, the Fisher Price Safe Voyage (basically a Britax Marathon in Fisher Price clothing.... and half the price!), rearfacing, and putting the Nautilus in my car. Since Ryan often has the boys in his car we'll eventually get another seat for Porter in his car and move Hudson over to P's seat, but for now I think we'll just keep the infant seat in Ry's car. Since being promoted his work schedule changed so I pick the boys up most of the time.

Gotta love the carseat ordeal with two kids and two vehicles that need fitting.


  1. I just have to say THANK you for this post! I was just about to get the Britax Regent for Luke.... NOT cheap, but I usually succumb to the high safety rating. This one is obviously just as safe and much more practical and long term! I am totally ordering two for Luke and will spend as much on TWO as I would on ONE Britax! HA!

  2. Totally agree, Morgan is 43 ish lbs and will be harnessed for a LONG time to come. We have the Britax Frontier (thanks, dad!) and well, he could be harnessed until 16 in the thing LOL

  3. I know you know we have the Nautilus. Two of them actually. And LOVE them! I got them for $150 at walmart last year. I saw them this past winter at Target on sale for $140, so good job on a great deal! Amazon didn't carry them yet last year when I was looking for them. Neither did Target actually. The walmarts were few and far between. I'm glad they're getting them out there easier to purchase now!