Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice Devil

No school today, obviously, so we went back to the rink to skate some more. Katie and Donnie were supposed to join us but Katie decided to drive herself over the edge (hang in there girl!!). I was excited to find out last night that LeeAnn and Lukas and Erika and Averey were going to be there as well!

Turns out one of my students was there and also Missy's daughter, Hailey. Porter was infatuated with Hailey and only wanted to skate with her.

He did SO WELL, I must say. When we got there there were no more walkers, so I helped him skate by holding him. Then Hailey held one hand and I held the other and at that point he seemed to really catch on and was pulling away from us.

Lukas went to take a break so we used his walker for awhile and Porter was zooming all around the ice like a little ice devil. I was so impressed and he cracked me up his little self zipping here and there.


  1. WOW he was really taking off!! You'll have to keep taking him there and see how well he progresses!!!

  2. awww. that is sooo cute! i should take the kids there sometime...but i need a walker too!

  3. He was really moving!! That's too cute :)