Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Day off Ramblings plus a little Pachelbel Rant

School was canceled today--- I think the roads were icy or something. Anyhow, I woke up around 8:15 thinking it was just a 2 hour delay and then checked online (some reason I don't get the call from the school anymore) and found out I had the day off. Good for my house (getting cleaned) bad for my paycheck.

I've been pretty productive today: did some dishes, some laundry, took out the garbage and stinky Diaper Champ, and managed to clean and organize my scrap area in the basement.

Some other randomness...
  • We got our Nautilus yesterday and I took a little time today to get it ready to install in the car. I love it. Its nice and sturdy feeling, has a couple little "cubbies" for P to put little Matchbox cars, has a built in cup holder, lots of nice padding and its so easy to adjust. I LOVE it so far- as much, if not more than, my Safe Voyage, which I do really like!
  • Hudson got his first real owie and bloody lip yesterday. He did a face plant into a toy and scratched a chunk of skin off of his his lip (mustache area). Looks like a big ol' Cindy Crawford mole...
  • I've started looking into ideas for Porter's 3rd birthday (GAH!!!). I almost gave in and just went with a "buy the invite, decorations, plates" theme from Wal-Mart or the likes, but now that I've been browsing online I think I am getting pumped to plan a little more into decor. He didn't really even know you could have a certain type of birthday until I showed him some of the party decorations on Birthday Express.... his favorite things right now are cars/trucks/loaders (same ol'), Micky Mouse ClubHouse, Little Einsteins, Madagascar and.. hmm. So I think we're going to go for a Mickey Mouse themed party this year. I have a few cute ideas.
  • Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies from this recipe. I was out of butter but, oddly, had crisco on hand. They were pretty good.
  • I thought this was pretty funny and showed it to Ryan who was less than amused. He's a dork, what can I say.

Don't forget tomorrow is Thoughts on Thursday! I don't think I've seen a TFT posted in quite awhile.... let's get it going again!


  1. Poor Hudson!

    Glad to hear you were productive today. I was going to be and Reyna woke up with the flu. Yuck!

  2. Tony had a 2 hour delay, didnt realize that you had no school.

    Sorry to hear about Hudson, better you than me beating up on your kids. Since I already gave your oldest a bloody nose yesterday!! Geez-Louise!!

    Did the cookies turn out good?? I need to make some choc chip cookies maybe this weekend. soft and chewy ones too!!

  3. That was really funny!!
    You should look up anything by/under Stephen Lynch on'll LYAO!! ;P

  4. Ah, the first of many "boys will be boys" ouchies. I love the pic of him in his diaper...too cute. And it's the easiest way to keep your kids. haha. I swear my sister and I never got dressed when we were little.

  5. ouch. we only got a 2 hour delay...thank god!!!

  6. well atleast you were productive today! Loved the video!

  7. I have the Nautilus for Elyse and she too loves the cubby areas to hide things in. I have to agree that the roads weren't bad enough to warrant a full day cancel. ROYALLY screwed up my day. LOL

  8. I love that Pachelbel rant, it's too funny. Sorry Hudson got a boo boo.