Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sit back and relax

Thus far we've had an awesome weekend. Really, tonight I was just thinking how great its been... relaxing, yet busy and filled with lots of our favorite people.

Thursday we had Les, Jade and Reyna over for dinner. For some reason it seems like I never think to invite the friends I talk to all the time over for dinner. We out of the blue called our neighbors over for pizza one weekend but for some odd reason we never think to do that with people we talk to frequently. I hate the "trying to spread yourself around, catch up with everyone" feeling.... Anyhow, it was great to have a little family time with them and we definitely need to do it more often.

Friday, well, I already blogged Fri-Day. Friday night, however, was a riot. We had the Johnsons, the Huffs over and the Dawsons stopped by for a bit too. I called this a "game night" yet the last few times we've gotten together with friends its seemed much more like "Drink and Chat" nights. We sat around until about 11 drinking margaritas and snacking and laughing and joking around. When Jane and Adam had to take off, we decided to be fun (HAHA just joking)... no, really, we didn't play an actual game until around 11pm. We sat around my rickety antique dining room table and played a rather raunchy game of Loaded Questions. I'm sure a couple of us child birthers peed our pants a little. Big D got down and dirty with some of his answers, and we saw a hilarious, politically incorrect humored side of Drew that made me think... ohhh no someone who has a sense of humor like my husband... AHHHH!

We stayed up way too late... nearly 2am.... WOAH. The Huffs, who had brought the boys along and put to bed at our house, ended up just staying the night. Sorry guys that I didn't wave you off this morning... I was trying to sleep off a hangover... headache... uh..... HAHA!

We lazed around today, totally grubbing it. I spent half my morning trying to figure out my much neglected bookwork for my business- trying to get everything ready for my accountant.

My dad and his wife stopped by unexpectedly this afternoon, which was kind of nice to see them! Then Ry's dad and my mom came over for dinner (separately, not together... that would be odd, now wouldn't it!?). Dinner... delicious. My hubby is an awesome cook. Especially steaks. And potatoes. MMMM!

We hung out and played with the boys and then Porter went home with Dave, we put Hudson to bed and Ry and I headed downstairs to watch a movie with actual humans in it--- not cartoons! We watched The Women, which was kind of funny... so-so. I scrapbooked while watching, but only managed to muster up one page and then I got sucked into this computer and, now, here I am!

I'm so excited that I still have 2 days left of my weekend. I love long weekends! Tomorrow we're just hanging out and I think somehow on Friday night Ry got roped into bowling in Katies place with Don.... I don't know... details are a bit blurry.

I hope everyone in blog land is having as great a weekend as we are!


  1. i feel your pain. too many bella notte choco tinis. saturday was....painful.

  2. Oh, I see how it is. Wait till Jane and Adam leave to have the real fun. Is this about the glass I broke? I swear I only had one beer at dinner :)

  3. What the hell.... Jane broke a glass?? When did this happen & where was I?? Was this when I was talking about the "Sacred Hearts Club of America"?!...Haha!