Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hump Day

A day full of good things....

Porter had his first dentist appointment today and he did SO well. I've been prepping him for the past two months or so because he always seems to flip out when it comes to new situations. I've been talking to him about what to expect and I bought about 4 or 5 books about teeth and going to the dentist. We've read them, talked about them etc etc. He really was excited to go today and I think that all the prepping kind of left him with no fear but he sure did have lots of questions for the hygienist!

He was cracking up our hygienists (there are two that we regularly see). The first thing he said when we got in there was "Where are all the x-rays?" (picture him holding his hands up like... what the heck!). He went in and wanted to sit on my lap while I got my teeth cleaned. Kept saying "I can't see anything!" and scooting closer to my face to see what she was doing. He asked all about the tools and buttons and levers on the chair.... "What's this? What's this name? What's this called? Oh look at those silly animals on the poster! What does this do?"

It was the end of the day and not much going on so he kind of roamed between two of the rooms talking to both of the ladies working.

He was so brave when it came to his turn. As soon as he heard her say I was "all set" he said to me, "Get up out of that chair!" Man.... anxious a little? He didn't want to sit on my lap to have his teeth cleaned... he wanted to sit all by himself!He was great... let her check and count all his teeth, clean them and even floss. We aren't big flossers around here (I know, terrible....) and I have never flossed his teeth before although I know my mom has done it a few times with him.

Of course, the first thing he told Ryan about visiting the dentist was that he got a truck out of the toy chest and he got to keep it! HAHA!


When I got home from work today to pick up Porter, Hudson had a new trick that he learned with Oma today.... WAVING! It was sooo cute. I have to get it on video.


I finally got in on a sweet deal on a sectional from Craigslist.... We're picking this up on Friday for our basement... for a steal of $175!!


Monday when I got home from work my grandma said "Come here, I have to show you something." In this house it typically mean either a) get ready to be pissed or b) get ready to laugh your ass off. Luckily we went with choice b this time.

She picked up Porter's play pan with lid off the counter and lifted off the top to reveal this....

What is that, you ask? Why, its DESSERT.... Porter style. I had made a margarita the night before and left a little bowl of sugar on the counter (to dip my glass rim in). Porter decided to pour that, plus a pack of unwrapped, unchewed gum as well as a couple pieces of chewed gum all together.


  1. Oooo..can you take my son to the dentist? Will you email me who you took him to?

    Love the dessert picture!

  2. I really need to get Lukas into the Dentist too. My mom is a dental hygientist, so Im not sure if he will behave for her or give her crap. ugh....

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new couch you are getting for downstairs! And what I deal! I really need to show craigslist more often. Ehhh, Ill just have u shop it for me, You always seem to find really great buys!!

  3. Seriously-friends of mine have that couch-or at least one very very much like it! It's soo soft too!

  4. porter cooks like me! why can't i ever find stuff like that on craigs list???

  5. How cute does he look in that dentist chair!?
    That pan of sugar & gum reminds me of when I was a kid - I was always in mom's kitchen, mixing up random things and creating weird concoctions... lol.