Friday, February 20, 2009

Interview with Porter

Porter, I'm going to ask you some important questions and if you sit nicely I'll give you a sucker.


Come over here and sit on the coffee table... its your interview spot.

Mommy, I want my daddy.

Ok I’m going to ask you some questions

Mommy, I like you.

Good. Sit still and tell me your answers.

  1. What is something dad always says to you? No Porter!

  2. What is something mom always says to you? No Porter!
    I do?

  3. What makes dad happy? Saying Abcd That makes him happy

  4. What makes mommy happy? Making weird hand movements. That makes you happy.
    I don’t know what that is. Tongue song.
    Ok Yeah mommy I want a sucker now.
    I’m not done.

  5. What makes dad sad? Saying no daddy does. Yeah when I take scissors from him that makes him sad

  6. What makes mommy sad? When I take you’re you’re your screwdriver from you.
    yeah, that makes you sad.
    Now I want a sucker!!

  7. How does dad make you laugh? He says eeehhh hee hee (making weird arm movements.)
    Daddy doesn't do that
    . Yes he does.
    He does?

  8. How does mom make you laugh?

  9. How old is your dad? 3

  10. How old is your mom? 2

  11. How tall is your dad? Tall tall and taller like me… holding hand over head. He tall like me. He’s tall like me like this (stands on table with arms up)

  12. How tall is your mom? Talll like this (stands on table)

  13. What is daddy's favorite thing to do? He likes to jump on the couch

  14. What is mom’s favorite thing to do? Play puzzles with me

  15. What does your dad do when you're not around? He makes dinner when I get home from school

  16. What does your mom do when you're not around? You pick me up from school

  17. What is your dad really good at? I don’t know. He good at driving the cars outside

  18. What is your mom really good at? Driving outside in my sandbox. Cars and quads.

  19. What is your dad not very good at? He can’t yell at me He can’t say bad words at me. He’s not good at bad words.
    Anything else?
    He not good at bad words again

  20. What is your mom not very good at? Not good at doing puzzle.
    What? Why not? You’re out of energy

  21. What does your dad do for his job? He’s got a job to do… saw trees down. He’s good at sawing trees down.
    But where does he go to work at?
    At his school!.

  22. What does your mom do for her job? At school.
    What’s it called?
    School, because you make money.

  23. What is your dad's favorite food? Green beans
    Daddy eats green beans?

  24. What is your mom’s favorite food? Chocolate milk (he just drank some)

  25. If your dad were a cartoon character, who would he be? Lightning McQueen

  26. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? Ramone

  27. How are you and your dad the same? I don’t know. Be quiet. (I ask again, rephrasing it) Same shirts. We have same engine shirts.

  28. How are you and your mom the same? We have same shirts. Crazy shirts.

  29. How are you and your dad different? Burping at me. I burp! Excuse me!
    Ok, how are you and daddy different? Because we’re different from the movies

  30. How are you and your mom different? Because we are different from the Bee Movie.


  1. oh my gosh this is great!! I love his answer about you being out of energy for puzzles. lol. Mind if I steal it and do one with Tiegan? I'm curious to see what her answers would be.

  2. That made me laugh so hard, I love when he kept asking for a sucker.

  3. Too funny!! 'Tongue Song'?? I like how he knows what 'quads' are too!! LOL!!

    If I was able to get Chase (6.3yo) to answer interview questions, it would be awesome. Unfortunately, with his Autism, he just can't answer questions like that yet...even on Porter's level. :(

    BUT...I know one of these days he'll be able to answer them and I look forward to that conversation!! ;P

  4. LOL Too funny! I'll have to try your questions with Morgan although I'm frightened at what the answers could be!

  5. What a CUTE idea. I love his answers especially that daddy isn't good at bad words. haha

  6. Haha!! I'm SO stealing this idea!!

    Guess what...I've got some more SH $$!!:) (Sunday!)

  7. Too funny! What is the tongue song? I love how he wanted a sucker. :)

  8. Cute survey! Ill have to do this with Lukas when I get back!

  9. What a cool idea. I borrowed it for my kids although I think Porter cornered the market on the cute answers. LOL!