Saturday, February 14, 2009

Of course it would only be my son....

Yesterday my mom and I took the boys ice skating. We took turns trading skates and finally around 1:3o we decided to pack it up because I wanted to get out to the school to join in the Valentine Party festivities with my students.

I got Porter's skates off and he wandered out of the bench box area (no idea what the term for this is) while my mom and I packed up Hudson and our belongings. We were saying how there was only 20 minutes left of open skate but "oh well."

And then all the lights in the arena turned off. The skaters screamed with excitement and my mom commented "Huh... maybe they're ending early today."

I thought it was kind of weird that they'd turn the lights off and not announce anything to the skater, but I also figured maybe they'd lost power or something.

We walked out of the box area and can you imagine my delight to see Porter standing on a bench with the FUSE BOX OPEN and his little arms reaching up dinking around.

OH. My. GOD.

I ran over there and thought I could assess the damage and just "flip the switch back on." A panel of like 30 switches stared back at me and I realized I had no idea to fix this.

The manager came over chuckling and I apologized profusely as we scooted out of there.

Only my son. Only my son.... Only my son would find the fuse box (which oddly is right in a main area, within reach of a 3 year old and not locked up) and decide do dink around.

On our way to the car I said to my mom "How much you want to bet there will be a lock on that the next time we come?"

Then I began to kick myself as I wish I had had the manager have a talk with Porter about not touching things that don't belong to him. I'll have to do that when we go back. Porter and I had a long talk in the car about how the man was angry and that I'm not sure if they'll want him to come back to skate.

We've been having so many issues at home with Porter getting into things that aren't his.... Ryan's tools. The refrigerator. My scissors and scrap stuff. The computers. Climbing on the counter to get to the candy jar. Getting into my wallet and taking my change. I don't know how to get it through to him that he can not just get into things that don't belong to him. He just doesn't get it... or doesn't care.

We read a book about stealing and we talked about how it makes people feel. I told him how when he gets into mommy and daddy's things and takes things without asking permission that its stealing and it makes us sad and upset with him.

I just don't know what to do with the kid.... I feel like such a failure sometimes. I wonder if he has a conscious. I mean, he's terribly sweet and so compassionate, but when it comes to being curious he just has no end. Its like he has a big person's curious brain in his little body. He does act like such a big kid sometimes.

Thursday early morning (like 4:30am) I woke up to find myself face to face with Porter in our bed. I asked him what he was doing and he says " I peed in my bed." Which I thought was odd as we hadn't been woken up with a "MOMMY I had an accident." No... no not Porter. He says to me "I have my daddy shorts on now." (basketball shorts that look like Ry's) I got up to see if he was for real and sure enough... he'd peed his bed, got up and changed out of his wet pajamas and put on a new pair of shorts, came and climbed in bed with us and went to sleep. Seriously...

And then he says to me in the sweetest voice "Mama, can we talk?" (when I put him to bed we often lay and talk about things we'll be doing in the coming days). Then he says "Brian is a nice guy." (my mom's boyfriend) and then "Grandma sure is a nice girl. Brian and Grandma and me played HotWheels."

Yesterday we had a busy day.... met with my accountant, met Leslie, Reyna and my mom at McDonalds for lunch, went ice skating with my mom and then went to school to the Valentine's Day parties. While getting the boys ready to get out of the house, Porter was insistent that he was staying at grandma's house (he wasn't). I told him no, we weren't going to her house we were going ice skating with her. He says "With my grandma? My grandma with the curly hair and the green coat and the silver car?" HAHA!

This kid baffles me sometimes..... he sure makes me smile, though, and keeps it interesting.


  1. OMG, I think we have the same child. That would be Morgan too - he did that at a restaurant a couple months ago and everyone was in the dark! Now whenever we go there, he wants to do it again - talk about NOT getting the idea that it wasn't a good thing!

  2. Oh and PS - at least you have Hudson. I have Callie who is destined to be about 50 times worse than Morgan. I even heard Brad say to here the other day "Seriously, you realize you are a GIRL, don't you? Only boys are supposed to be like this!!"

  3. What a cutie pie. Inquisitive is a good thing...except when it's not.