Monday, February 9, 2009

Question for the day:

If your children aren't in school yet, do you celebrate Valentine's Day with them?  If you do... what do you buy/do?  Do you decorate?
Thus far, we haven't with Porter. I'm not sure we will this year either....  Ryan and I don't typically celebrate V-Day either, but this year we're throwing a Valentine's Themed Game Night for our friends. 


  1. We will celebrate with Acadia. I'm not exactly sure what we'll do, but we've been doing V-Day themed crafts and plan on doing something special with her that day. I am making my blueberry pancakes that morning and will cut them into heart shapes - same with her sandwich and cheese during lunch time.

    That's about all I have planned :)

  2. This is the first year we are going to celebrate with Kaiden.. He is old enough now to enjoy it. When we were growing up my Mom would always throw us a little party.. when we would come home from school the whole dining room would be totaly decked out in valentines with balloons and banners and all sorts of neat things.. then we would always have a fun meal and each chair would have a special ballon or decaration on it and we would always get a gift bag with neat goodies in it.. I loved that memory growing up so I want to continue that with my kids..

  3. We've always celebrated... every year I've decorated the dinner table with a red table cloth and got some sort of cheap decoration from a party store (oops... I forget in MI they aren't called Party Stores... um a party supply store??) like a cheesy centerpiece or a blow up plastic heart or simply confetti. Then we always have a spaghetti dinner that evening.
    For the kids we've always each year given them each a book and a balloon... the cool mylar valentine balloons from the grocery stores! It's a fun treat.
    There are so many great books for Valentines Day... I choose not Valentine specific, but books centered around how much I love you or how you're special kind of thing. Past books the kids have loved have been (both board books and hardback as appropriate)...
    -Snuggle Puppy (Sandra Boynton)
    -I Love You Stinkyface
    -Fish Kisses and Gorilla Hugs
    -Won't You Be My Hugaroo

    I really look forward to picking out special books each year!

  4. Well...first I spend most of the day thinking of a great little craft Donnie & I can do together, then when I get home from an 8 hr. work day we make a little V-Day craft & bake V-Day cookie's together....all the while I'm in my June Clever V-Day apron...:) After all that fun, we hand deliver all of our treats to family & friends! (Haha...NOT, I could go on, but I think you get the point..LOL! You know me, ever the "Martha";)

    Really, I just put a few chocolates in a bag, maybe a card or trinket & tell him how much I love him....the end!

  5. Thus far, we haven't done much celebrating. PEggy always gets us stuff and Reyna stuff. I did bake cupcakes and buy pink frosting with sprinkles for Reyna to decorate. Jade & I don't do to much for Valentines day. We used to, but not now.

  6. We never really celebrate V-day. This year I did help Tiegan make valentines to give to her grandparents and close family, but that will probably be all we do. Valentines Day is so soon after her birthday, I don't want her to get overwhelmed with celebrations!

  7. We do, but it's very simple. All the kids get one gift wrapped in Valentine's paper...usually something small. Now that my daughter is 4 yrs old, I also bought stuff to make heart sugar cookies together.

  8. we have always celebrated. i usually make them a special breakfast. give them a valentine and a small gift!

  9. We always celebrate Valentines day... but I like the holiday. :)

    I buy a valentine, treat for each child... and a book that has something to do with love and wrap it up cute in cellophane. Cellophane always seems to make a gift more special. :)

    We make cookies and for 3 years now I have been meaning to make homemade suckers... maybe I will get around to that this year?!

    Have a great week!

  10. Oh and a cute Valentines dinner... i hate Twinkies (the rest of the family likes them)...If you cut them in half on an angle you can put it together as a heart and top it with fresh strawberry sauce. It looks cute!

  11. Normally I just do little "happies" for mine. Like candy, balloon, and maybe a little stuffed animal...Heart shaped pancakes for breakfast is another inexpensive way without actually "buying" a gift for them.

  12. Look for the surprise in Porter's lunch bag today that he made you. ;)