Monday, February 9, 2009


Another contest at I (heart) Faces. I'm having fun finding a use for the gazillion photos I have on my computer to use for these contests.
This picture is, to me, the epitome of silly. I remember this day clearly... we were living at my mom's in between house moves.... I was trying not to succumb to postpartum blues while trying to keep my 2 year old happy and entertained. We went outside to let the dogs go to fill up the little pool so the water would be warm after naptime but Porter saw no need to wait. The icy cold, straight from the hose water was fine for him. He jumped right in, mis-matched pj's and all, and began dumping water on his head with the dogs' bowl. Quite silly, I'd say :) But, it kept him entertained for over an hour and made me smile!