Sunday, March 15, 2009

And it goes on and on and on....

Hudson is STILL sick. He's barely eaten anything all weekend and we've resorted to syringing liquids to him because he's now refusing a bottle 75% of the time. If he's not better by tomorrow (which is what I keep hoping every night that I put him to bed), I'm taking him in. I don't think they'll tell us to do anything different than what we're doing (syringe feeding is what they told us to do last November when he had the week long pukes/shits), and I don't think he's dehydrated as his mouth is still wet/slobbery and his eyes are wet and he has tears. But, he's eating less than one bottle a day and I want to make sure, from a professional, that I'm doing all that I can to help him get better.

It breaks my heart to look at him as he just looks so sickly... so emaciated. He's losing weight, his face is thinner and his eyes are sunken in and look dark around them... just not the normal, round faced little guy he normally is.

If he hadn't gone through this in November (week long sickness), I'd be freaking out but I think that he just has a nasty stomach virus that is kicking his butt. The doc on Friday didn't seem too worried.

This weekend was gorgeous... still a bit chilly but very springy. Saturday we emptied the garage... literally... and reorganized everything. Kyle, the neighbor boy, came over to play basketball and play with Porter and he walked up and said "Are you guys having a garage sale?"

Porter had fun with him... before he came over Porter could hear him down his driveway and kept asking "Can I go over to my friend Kyle's house?" Well, not long after, Kyle came wandering up with his sister and a friend to hang out for awhile. Kyle's in 3rd grade, but he plays well with Porter.

After he left Porter walked into the garage and said "Mom, I had a great day with my friend Kyle" Awww...

Today I had an extremely long newborn session. Thank goodness the parents were great to hang out with. We chatted for nearly FIVE hours while trying everything under the moon to get their little guy to sleep.

Speaking of photography... I'm contemplating a new endeavor. Well, a couple. I'm wanting to get into birth photography and luckily I have lots of pregnant friends right now so I'm trying to get some experience/build a portfolio in that aspect. Two, I was just contacted by the photographer that Ryan and I hired for our wedding... asking me if I am interested in weddings and if I'd want to be a second shooter with him once business/economy picks up. WOAH! Now, I've been asked SO many times to do weddings but I turn it down every time. I just don't feel confident/competent/good enough/trust myself enough to do something that momentous. Ryan's cousin is pressing me hard right now to get me to shoot her wedding next spring and I'm *thinking* about it. And now Chris contacted me and I'm thinking... hmm... maybe????

Anyhow... back to our weekend....after I got home, we finished working in the garage and I can FINALLY park my car in there! We only have a 1 car garage so its a little scary driving into it... its narrow... but at least I have somewhere to park in the winters!


  1. poor, poor Hudson! I feel so bad for him! Hope he starts to feel better soon or the ped has some suggestions for you.

  2. Awww...I am so sorry to hear about Hudson. I hope he is feeling better soon!

    p.s. Just remember you totally turned me down when I asked you to shoot weddings with me ;-)

  3. Ummmm... yeah to both, birth photography & weddings. You're gifted... use your talents girl!

  4. i say yes to both too! COME ON... it sounds like the perfect opportunity to try weddings out if you can second-shoot, plus if you can shoot for a family member... you'd do such a great job. if i was closer i'd hire you for birth photography in a second!

    i hope hudson feels better!

  5. Poor Hudson. Hope he starts to feel better soon.

    I say go for it with the wedding photography!!! I think you would do a great job.

  6. Poor kid, Im sure its sad to see the toll that its taking on him to be so sick. I sure hope they can do something for him. Have you tried Pedialyte? Ive never used it, but maybe thats got the nutrients that he can use from it for now while he is only taking fluids.

    As for the photography biz, I think that sounds like great oppertunities for you!

  7. I am sorry to hear that Hudson is still sick!:(

    I think you should definitely do both! You have an amazing talent!

  8. yeah! i would TOTALLY be willing to let you "practice" at my next child's birth. i live in toledo (i have no idea how far that is from you??) and i always get scheduled inductions so it would be planned?? :) i am due in mid july...the poor kid is already neglected :) by this time with the other two i was planning a nursery, buying clothes, gear and toys, taking pics of my belly(still haven't taken one!)..this one just barely has a name :)

  9. I will let you do my birth pics if you want....would love to be your guinea pig!