Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bead for Life

This afternoon I held a Bead for Life party at my house. I first heard of Bead for Life from Heather's blog. I checked out the website and really felt compelled to try to do my part in helping those who are less fortunate. I signed up, got a call from a woman at Bead for Life and my box was on its way.

Typically, I hate parties... I will admit I rarely attend Pampered Chef, Body Shop, Lia Sophia and the likes of those parties... I'm just not really into hostess type parties (especially when things are so overpriced). I have hosted a few of those type and I always feel terrible inviting people because I know how much I groan when I get invited to them. But... what I loved about Bead for Life is that (1) There wasn't a hostess or anyone pressuring you to purchase anything... no one to make you feel guilty if you didn't buy anything and (2) it wasn't a party that anyone made any money on.. I didn't make a dime. I didn't receive a free piece of jewelry. 100% of the proceeds are going straight back to Bead for Life. All that I received was the satisfaction of knowing I've done a little bit on my part to try to do good for less fortunate in the world.

I will admit... I was skeptical of what the "recycled paper" jewelry would look like. But... its BEAUTIFUL. No two pieces are identical. And the love and hard work put into making each bead is inspiring.

A video came with my package and I played it a few times at the party. The first time we watched it we were just amazed... amazed at the poverty... amazed at what these women (children, men... etc) live in. Its no secret that America is going through some incredibly tough times, and the recession has hit a lot of people very hard. But, to see how these people live... our worst is nowhere near their worst. Living on less than a dollar a day.... not having money for anything but a little bit of cornmeal.

I found the video online and hope that you will all take a few minutes to watch it. We really are a lucky country... lucky people.. no matter how bad we think we have it.

All in all, the party went really well. I was a little disappointed in the turnout... about 12 people showed up (out of 60+ that were invited!)... but even so, I raised around $900 for Bead for Life! Thank you for those that stopped by to chat, watch the video and check out the awesome jewelry that these women worked so hard on. I'm hoping to maybe do another party in the fall... the pieces would make awesome Christmas gifts!


  1. I would have loved to have come....but having the kids that would have NOT worked! I think it is an awesome idea, especially the 'no pressure sales' approach!

  2. This is a fantastic idea! I have never done a party before, because, like you, I don't like them, but I will do this one! The jewelry looks really cool, and what a great way to make a difference!

  3. You should have another party! I would love to buy more!

  4. How very cool! I too don't like attending the pressure-to-buy parties, but yours is one that I definitely would have gone to. And the fact that you raised $900 will only 12 attendees is amazing!