Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This little boys laugh just makes me smile.

While Ryan and Porter were at swimming class tonight, Hudson and I hung out in the playroom (his favorite place... of course). He loves Porter's new car track. There's something about it that he thinks is hilarious!


  1. So cute!! He genuinely laughs at each loop! Does he get the hic-cups when he gets to laughing that much? Lukas used to as a baby, and still does now when he gets to cracking up.

  2. Hudson is SO cute!! He is getting so big!!!

  3. HAHA That is so cute, I laughed out loud! I love a good baby giggle! It's nice you have a video - it's so weird how their laughs turn from baby giggles to kid laughs and it's just not the same! Just watched it again, still laughing!