Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just call me a social butterfly

I like lists. Who doesn't. I remember back in high school writing in my journal a list of "spontaneous" things I did. (I went through a little... phase... at the end of my senior year) I thought it'd be fun to do a "mom-version" of my old high school list in my journal....

The past few weeks I've felt like quite the planner... I have a list of things I want/need to plan and feel like I'm always sending out an evite for something.
  • Game night this Friday
  • Playdate this Saturday
  • Bead for Life last Saturday
  • Scrapbook Mega Meet the 2nd weekend in May
  • Helping a neighbor plan a "Block Party" in May
  • Scrapbook night last weekend
  • Another game night and scrapbook night in May
  • Camping trip in June with friends
I'm attempting to schedule a game night and scrapbook night once a month at least.

And on top of that I have sessions I'm scheduling, Porter's soccer/swim lessons, and well, what else!

This summer I'm turning in to "Itinerary Queen".... last summer I felt like it was a complete wash. Had a baby, moved, moved again, worked on house non stop. This summer... I want to soak up my time with the boys and really do a lot of fun stuff.

Ryan is taking a few random days off during the week so we can skip on over to Lake Michigan or the Zoo (we have a trip planned in May already!). I am going to assign one day a week as our "Field Trip" day... our day to go to the zoo, a kids museum, blueberry picking, feed the ducks, visit the Alligator Farm (yes, we have an alligator farm in Michigan!). And once a week I want to take the boys to Nixon Pool. And then another day maybe set aside as a "standing playdate" day for whoever wants to meet up with us at the park for a picnic. And maybe another day have it be our library day. I also just purchased a membership to the Chelsea Treehouse and I would like to meet up with Lori and the girls once or twice a month since Chelsea is a good somewhat half-way point for us to meet.
(Hey everyone... they have a great deal going on... their normal 3 month membership is extended to 5 months and is HALF the price!! So, I got a membership from May 1-Sept 29 for both boys for $40... normally $80 for only 3 months!)
I know... I'm nuts. I just... this time with the boys goes by so fast. I know cramming a bunch of stuff in is only going to make it go faster, but I want to have good memories with the boys... not memories of sitting at home counting down the minutes until naptime.

Ok... so how my post evolved into this I have no clue.


  1. I totally applaud you for making activities and such a priority - both for your sake and for the boys enjoyment. The memories that doing so provides will be cherished for a long time to come! I hate to wish my children older, but I know this summer is going to be a bit of a wash (3 kids under the age of 4!) and look forward to summers to come.

  2. I'm right with ya-I've been asking the boys all the things they want to do this summer and then I put them in a jar so we can remember what we want to do. My sister used to live in Dearborn and we meant a lot at Portage Lake over the summer, it's a good (sort of) half way spot too.

  3. You sound like me and my last post! I was hoping the summer would slow things down around here as we have something EVERY day as it is, but now, I've just gone and added more things to our list and those don't even include things like the zoo and picnics and library! I'm overwhelmed but I am not one who can just sit and do nothing. I think idle kids make crabby kids! Sounds like a fun summer and I'm sure you'll have a blast!