Friday, April 17, 2009

We have mobility!!

Hudson has been a busy boy this past week.

  • He FINALLY is rolling over. Seriously... never have I walked into his bedroom and found him awake in any other position than on his back. And if he drinks a bottle on the floor (we're mean like that and don't hold him LOL!), he remains on his back until you sit him up. Only then will he take off and crawl to wherever...
  • He is FINALLY pulling himself up and standing next to things. The other day I was arranging frames on the wall by the stairs and he crawled up to the stairs, mustered up some energy/coordination and got to the standing position. It was so funny as he kept looking down at his feet as if thinking "What the hell did I do and is THAT what those things are for?"
  • Thursday I went upstairs to get him up from his nap and found him on his knees reaching up to play with his monkey mobile. It was startling to find him in that position! So, I decided that night was probably sufficient to lower his mattress. Until now, its been in the highest position HAHA!
  • He's saying a few words... MaMa (first word... WOO HOO!), Da Da, and I think he says kitty... "Ghee!" Sometimes it sounds like he says Porter like "BORDER" but I think its just his jibberish. He talks jibberish all the time... he'll drive a car or fly a plane and just go on and on "Ogh vewww errr ravvv beee gaaah blurrga bee gabba" Who knows what he's saying...
  • He loves loves loves trucks. Which is a good thing as we have a zillion in this house!
  • He's become SOOO attached to me lately. Separation anxiety at its worst (or so I hope its at its worst). He flips out when I leave the room. I can't take a shower without taking him into the bathroom with me. This morning I had to take him INTO the shower with me as he was freaking out that he couldn't see me. NOT FUN.


  1. Yeah, that separation anxiety is the suck, I tell ya. We are just coming into the downside of it I think as I am finally able to freaking pee alone! And OMG about H being on the highest crib setting, that had me cracking up! Then again, I have Chaos Callie who I'm very surprised isn't scaling the crib right now. Somehow my order of a MELLOW second child must have been misplaced....

  2. Awe... he's getting so big... moving around now.. you're screwed... :-) It took Luke so long to do anything... slow boy! He is just so freakin' cute. I love all the pics and am envious of them every day! You do such an amazing job... OBVIOUSLY! :-)

  3. I had to laugh at the bottle thing. I don't think you are mean at all. My boys are both finally holding their own bottles & I wanted to celebrate! LOL! He's a cute little munchkin!

  4. I never experienced separation anxiety with Reyna and I always secretly wanted to. hahaha. Not a lot of it, but just a little. I know, sounds nuts.