Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Transition in progress

Tonight Hudson went to bed without his sucky. This transition wasn't exactly intentional, although I've always said at a year old I'm pulling the plug. Literally.

We used to have like 8 suckies laying around the house but somehow we've whittled down to 1. And that one solo sucky was left behind at Aunt Heather's house when she babysat today.

I was a little afraid that we'd have an absolute meltdown and he'd cry and cry for hours. However, he went to bed with minimal fussing. YAY!

He really only has his sucky at naptime/bedtime and we very very rarely let him have it while he's awake. I just never wanted to get into that habit. And since he's stuck with the sucky up until now (as compared to Porter ditching the sucky around 4mos), I really wanted to get rid of it now before it became an ugly habit that was too hard to break.

So... aside from a nightly bottle, he's on his way to toddlerhood! He drinks fine from a cup but I like to make sure he chugs milk down right before bed and he chugs better from a bottle than a sippy. Other than that he so does not need a bottle. It really is all for me... I like to baby him a little LOL! We'll cut this out around 14-15 months like we did with Porter.

And of course he's 100% on big-people food and has been since at least 10 months old. Now if we could only get rid of those diapers....


  1. Bottles?? You mean you're supposed to take those away from kids....Hmmmmm? Don and I are still trying to figure that one out! Shhhh... Don't tell our Ped. or any of the "by the book" parents, as I'm sure we'll get a lashing! LOL! Actually though, I will say Nolan doesn't even like his bottle, he only has one before bed, and that is soon to be gone too!

  2. Hope the transition goes well. It's going to be a battle for us, I'm sure. Reyna LOVES her sucky. Biggest mistake I have made is not taking it from her.

  3. I dont think that Hudson used his sucky at my house either because both times when I checked on him his sucky was on the floor beside the pack n play

  4. We are the same about the nightly bottle. Callie just doesn't drink enough from a cup, she's not a big drinker so I need her to get all the liquids she can. I figure 14-15 months we'll be done as well - if the kid ever starts drinking!