Saturday, June 20, 2009

Head. Aches. Ugh.

For the past 2 weeks or so (since probably about the time I painted our entire flipping basement. By myself. ) I have been getting these annoying headaches. Not quite migraines. Not really headaches, but more of a combo. I have some weird motion sensations like a migraine... like if I move weird or sit up too fast, but its not as (damn... blanking on the word) intense.. yes... not as intense as a migraine.

I've been going to the chiropractor for the past week. I've gone 3 times and its helping, but not fully yet. Not sure what's going on... something is out of alignment or something. Chiro thinks I'm stressed and am carrying the stress in my upper back/shoulders... which is where the pain starts. Then it goes up the sides of my neck and into my head. I can't think of anything I'm overly stressed about, though.

I'm sick of taking Excedrin Migraine... I took a Midrin the other night before bed but woke up at 3am feeling wide awake and refreshed as if I had slept for 12 hours. Annoying.

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  1. I saw a PT and they said most of my pain was also in the head and neck. They gave me a full range of exercises. One you can try is to lie down and put two tennis balls (you might want to start with mini ones) under you, where the two bones at the bottom of your skull are (across from your ears). Lie there for a few will loosen your occipital nerves. That should help.