Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bucket Filling at its finest

Porter seems to be catching on to this bucket filling. I had picked up these two books from the (Lucy Calkins) Literacy Conference I attended for work last week. We've read them with Porter a couple times before bed and discussed behaviors that will fill buckets and behaviors that make you a bucket dipper. I wasn't quite sure how or if he would catch on. But...
  • The next evening at dinner, Porter shared two of his favorite hot wheels with Ry and I. He got a big grin on his face and said:

    "I just filled your buckets! I'm a bucket filler!"

  • The other morning, he was in bed with me and trying to steal my pillow. For some reason he really likes my pillow and, well, I do too. He said to me, extremely seriously...

    "Mom, remember we read the book about buckets? Now, we can both share your pillow."

    HAHA! I was totally not expecting that one.

  • We had this conversation after he bit his brother:
    Me: "I'm so sad that Hudson's bucket is so empty right now."

    Porter said "And my bucket is full!"

    Me: "No... no your bucket is very empty too. Its so sad."

    Porter got a very sad look on his face and said "Yeah, I was being a bucket dipper. But.... Hudson was being a bucket dipper too!"

    I told him "Well, instead, you could have been a bucket filler for him and you both would have very full buckets right now instead of empty ones."

    He says... "Yeah...."

Love that kid and the way his mind works. Sometimes it drives me crazy but oh my... he cracks me up so much and surprises me so often with the things he understands.

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