Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yes. Butterfiles. I'm dubbing the images, the files, that bring butterflies to your stomach as "The Butterfiles".

I was recently going through some of the images taken on my new 5d and came across this image of Hudson. I literally, and I'm not joking, caught my breath and got butterflies in my stomach.

Who is this boy? This BOY.

I stared at him and studied this image, taking note all the things I don't seem to notice on a daily basis.

His porcelain skin, ever so slightly tanned from the sun.

His wispy blonde hair, which is filling in quickly.

His baby blue eyes.

His pouty lips.

I can't believe this is him.... Hudson... my baby. Where has he gone?!


  1. I've never noticed how blue his eyes were in pictures before. He's definitely a little cutie!

  2. I saw this pic on Facebook yesterday and thought, WHOA, Hudson looks like a boy! Glad you're loving your new camera.

  3. He is so grown up & so stinkin' adorable. Love that blonde hair and his gorgeous blue eyes.

  4. He definitely is growing up and this pic lets you see that! good thing u noticed it too and can take a moment to take it all in. :)

  5. Cute!! He really DOES look a lot older in this pic than what he actually is!!

  6. he is so dang handsome...dare I say he is beautiful! the babies do grow up fast Nic!