Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Half Empty or Half Full?

I can't believe summer is halfway over. It makes me sad and anxious!

We've filled our past week (because its been a week since I've blogged!) with lots of random things....
  • Bought a 12' x 33" pool... and of course its been like 65* since we bought it!
    Originally it was on sale for $69 at Meijer so we decided to go for it. Well, less than a week later I was grocery shopping and went to check out the pool toys... found all the pool stuff clearanced out 50% off... so I re-bought it for $39 and returned it with the old receipt! Cha ching!
  • Ryan built closet organizers for Donnie and Nolan's closets
  • Went to Carter Murphy's 1st birthday party
  • Went blueberry picking today... first pick of the season.
  • Had the neighbors over to cook out and swim
  • I finally made the leap and bought a new camera. Black-Eyed Wilma is being replaced with a snazzy Canon 5d Mark II.
Uhm what else.... I am already forgetting my past week! Last week seemed to go by soo fast. And, well, its 12 minutes away from Wednesday as I type!

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