Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I just have to share this

I found this blog through Cheeky Lotus' blog... and I was cracking up at her post. Cracked me up.... we're pretty straight up with our kids, too, and I could totally see something like this happening here HAHAHA!

read it.... here at Joy Unexpected


  1. HAHA - we recently had the same conversation with Tiegan. And for the longest time she thought I said "the China". LOL

  2. OMG....love it! Donnie recently asked me if the baby was going to come out of my mouth...if I was going to burp the baby out. LOL! I did tell him the way it really happens, but not even sure he new what part I was talking about? Crazy Kids!

  3. how old is her daughter??

    Lukas frequently refers to it as the "gi-nis". a combination of the vagina and penis. LOL! But i did be honest with him last week when he asked and he seemed okay with that. Just simple knowledge for the kids, and then they dont make a big deal out of it when you dont either. :)

  4. the drawing is freaking hilarious! tucker asked me if a baby comes out through the mouth too - where do they come up with this stuff? lol!