Monday, July 13, 2009

Kids and Kabobs

An impromptu scrapbook night turned into a day of entertaining with some close friends. We had the Dawsons and the Huffs over for "lunch on the grill"... hawaiian themed (in a way).

I found a yummy Hawaiian Chicken Kabob recipe online and mmmmm... soo good. (I omitted the sherry and added red and green peppers). I also made rice pilaf, salad and fruit kabobs. It turned out delish. Probably one of my favorite barbecue meals ever.

Jane and I also made some desserts... brownies and some chocolate chip cookie cupcakes. The brownies were yum and the cupcakes were so so.

We all hung out until dinnertime and then us girls headed to the Ladies Lair (haha!) to scrapbook. Sadie was able to join, too, and well we all were just not that into scrapping so we ended up watching a movie I had rented from Netflix. Regardless of our productivity, it was a much-needed ladies night (queue "Ladies Night").

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  1. Thanks for the dinner idea, I'm making those tonight! yummy.