Thursday, August 13, 2009

Discarding the soap

Porter: "Dad, you said damn."

Ryan: "No I didn't, but you just did."

Porter: "Do I get soap now? I don't like soap"

Nic: "I don't like to hear you say bad words."

Porter: "But I frew da soap out. I frew it into da pokey plants."

N: "What? What soap? The soap from the kitchen?"

P: "No, the soap from the bathroom upstairs. I frew it out da window."

N: "What window?"

P: "Hudson's window. Into da pokely plants."

Ryan and I were puzzled so we went upstairs and sure enough, the bar of soap was missing from the bathroom. We checked Hudson's window and it was open a crack, up to the safety lock (we'd left it open) and we realized the screen is easy to slide up.

We went to check the front landscaping and sure enough, in the pokely plant (holly bush) there sat the bar of soap.