Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not surprised if our neighbors think we're nuts

Our house is constantly loud. If its not me during the day raising my voice at the boys its the boys whining or the boys fighting or the dog barking or us yelling at the dog or one of the boys throwing a tantrum or Porter being just plain loud.

Our house is constant chaos, I swear. Its like a neverending 3-ring circus.

Tonight we decided (ok, Ryan devised) to put one of those magnentic door alarms on the outside of Porter's door. Its getting ridiculous at nap/rest time and at bedtime... Porter is out of bed and out of his room and everywhere he's not supposed to be. No amount of scolding, spanking, toy or privilege taking works. So, we're locking him in. He's deathly afraid of the "larmers" that we have on the back door (because he often just lets himself out of the house whenever he damn well pleases).

As I type, I hear Porter screaming from 2 floors up, pounding on his door. And Hudson for some reason is screaming his head off, protesting bedtime. Not sure what that's about.

What I am sure of, though, is that our neighbors are questioning our sanity and probably stuffing their ears full of cotton at this moment.

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