Thursday, August 27, 2009

Storytime with Porter

At bedtime Porter is always asking me to tell him stories. His latest request is always a story about a seal or a dog. Last night I asked him to tell me a story and I got a heartbreaking reply of "I can't. I'm not good at telling stories." How does he think this at such a young age? So, I helped him tell a story about a seal and he did great.

Tonight I asked him to tell me a story and I was so proud to be told this one:

Once upon a time there was a dog named Zoey.

And she looooved to play with Porter and Ramsey and Hudson.

And then there was a teeeerrible storm and it knocked down a biiiig tree.

I hided in my closet with you.

Zoey was scared and she barked and barked at it.

And then Zoey hided in the closet with me and you and Hudson.

And the teeerible storm kept blowing the closet door open and open and open.

And we had to tape it to keep it closed.

But the tape came off and the door kept coming open.

And the teeeerible storm blew all the trees.

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