Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thrown a lifesaver

Thank goodness for friends and awesome husbands!

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day ended on a sweet note. Literally! I was chatting online with Carrie (last name kept secret as she probably wasn't supposed to be chatting at work!) and she mentioned she was solo parenting for the evening as well (Ryan has been working until 8ish every night this week) so I said "Hey, come over here and join the Misery Club!" She brought her girls and pizza and breadsticks. What a pal. What a hero!

Emma and Graci kept my kiddos entertained and the neighbor kids came over as well. We pretty much had a daycare going on but it was quite enjoyable. The only interruptions we had was from Eian who kept saying "Porter's Mom, Porter called me FIRE!" "Ok, Eian, go call him... Water." "PORTER! You're WATER!" (HAH! Take THAT bully!!)

And then my husband surprised me with a babysitter, his dad, and we went out for a late dinner at Outback. Since I'd had pizza already I got a delicious Margarita (does that surprise you?) and a Chocolate Thunder that I polished off myself.

What a sweet way to end a day from hell!


  1. Where are all the watermelon pics??? I wanna see um!

  2. Ahh! A margarita can sure make a girl happy! :) It definitely solves many of my problems, lol!