Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trying to turn the tables

Just as I was saying Porter has been doing better dealing with Hudson, today he got mad at him about something (they were playing with the train table) and Hudson started bawling. I checked him out and Porter wouldn't fess up. He kept trying to tell me what Hudson was doing and then said.... "Mom, wait. I just need to ask you a question. " And then proceeded to try to tell me what Hudson was doing. I told him to sit in the chair until he could tell me.

Then I noticed tiny bite marks on the very outside of Hudson's pinky. As if Porter knew he shouldn't bite, knew what he was doing wrong but just did it anyway, in the most inconspicuous spot he could think of.

So, my method as of late has been to do unto Porter as he does unto his brother. Or something like that. So I bit him on his pinky the same way he bit Hudson. He cries. And then...

"You dipped into my bucket, Mom! I'm so sad because you dipped into my bucket!"

Oh My Word. Are you kidding me?

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  1. hehehee. I know I shouldn't laugh but good God that kid is inventive.